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“Ferrari” is the one of the most recent drops from Brooklyn born, Atlanta based rapper producer and songwriter Legnd Ricky, who has been making music and grinding since the tender age of 13 years old.

The skilled artisan who makes fresh hip-hop/trap bangers didn’t let us down with “Ferrari” with its sharp lyrics “[…]Times two Ferrari, I want that I want more, I’m sorry…” as the rapper puts it in melancholic fashion. Well Ricky… say no more! We got’cha.

The production on this release is also heavy, combining a thumping bass drum, trap snares and killer chords, gently tamed by the versatile artist’s voice. Being from Brooklyn, it’s probably safe to assume that NY still runs in the producer’s blood although it’s clearly visible that ATL shapes his overall sound. Not a bad thing mind, it suits Legnd Ricky’s style down to a Tee!

We’ve also had a chance to check out Ricky’s music catalogue on Soundcloud, and to be honest, it is actually pretty good. There’s no doubt that the multi talented rapper is building a solid name and image for himself which is backed up by his repertoire and work rate. Success can be his if he maintains an objective stance  while never losing site of his goal. The potential and creativity is definitely there!

Give it a listen below and don’t forget to follow him on Soundcloud to keep up with all his latest sounds. Peace out!


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